We the People, Songs and Stories of America

Written and Performed by David Malmberg

Guitarist / Vocalist / Humorist

about1.jpgWe the People is a potpourri of our musical roots as a people. Past and present, it is American culture through music and story that we the people have talked about, laughed about, cried about and sung about for over 235 years. There are moments of poignancy, intellectual curiosity and outright laughter all woven together in a virtuosic and entertaining tapestry of guitar, banjo and vocal music.

David Malmberg is the creator of We The People. He calls himself a folksinger, but his training as a classical guitarist with America Martinez Serrano at the Conservatorio De Musica, in Sevilla, Spain really puts him in another league. Called a "treasure" by Hugh Downs, former anchor of ABC's 20/20, Mr. Malmberg's exquisite style of playing and singing lends a unique artistry to his concerts.

about2.jpgWith a vast repertoire at his disposal, (David has recorded eight CD's of original compositions from gospel to solo guitar) the music integrates many styles including classical, jazz, and other contemporary musical idioms. We the People features songs about young love, (Shenandoah) early American hymns, (Simple Gifts) circuit riders, (Reverend Mr. Black) the Civil War, (Follow the Drinking Gourd) riverboat travel (Mark Twain) plus, contemporary offerings of historical interest from the 20th century and beyond. In addition, David also breathes new life into well known melodies by offering classical guitar arrangements of many standards from the folk repertoire bringing his vast musical experience to bear making the program rich and intricate.

thumbnail6.jpgSays David: "It is funny how life comes full circle. I cut my teeth on Americana but through the years have devoted myself to many other forms of composition. Now, here I am, back where I started from, once again drawing from the intensely rich musical heritage that is ours to share as Americans. "

With a Master's degree in music, he also provides a scholarly touch to We The People without becoming overly academic. In his words, "All of these songs have wonderful stories connected to them. Stories that breathe new life into songs that are sometimes hundreds of years old."

We the People is a wonderful panorama of America in song and story. To find out more about this great concert program, contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with additional promotional material for your review.

What People Are Saying...

"I was the one in the audience with the big smile. Oh, wait... everyone had smiles. It was awesome."

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"Great, great show. Well paced and most interesting."

"Your expertly rendered stories and your own musical interpretations of each... I was enthralled."